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Finding the path to success and fulfillment is not always easy. Ideally, the college process enables students and families to identify the strongest combination of variables that will translate into the most meaningful and rewarding undergraduate experience. The volume of information and maze of related tasks can be overwhelming and confusing.  

I attended University of Rochester undergraduate (’95) and completed my graduate work at Columbia University with an MA in Social Studies (’98) and an MA in Learning Disabilities (’01). I was a NYC public special education high school teacher for nine years and tutored private school students during that time. I left the City in 2004 and rebuilt my private practice in Westchester, NY.  

After "unofficially" going through the college process with students and their families for 12 years, I decided to develop an official component of my business in 2008 that offers college related services and support. My core philosophy is to empower students to engage and be accountable in this process, and provide the guidance, support and understanding families need to make thoughtful and informed decisions. I truly love working with teenagers. Their energy keeps me inspired (and often, laughing).

Though stressful and anxiety producing, the college process should be a time of self-exploration, growth, and accountability. Students should not feel that this process is happening to them or being done for them; rather, they should understand what is required of them to maximize their potential for the best possible outcomes. Ultimately, there are no guarantees, but when you have the information to make solid decisions and have realistic expectations it sure makes for an easier ride.  


Understanding that this process demands a highly personalized approach, I offer services that reflect the differentiated needs of individual families. Building relationships grounded in collaboration and accessibility are central priorities.

Foundation Package
For families interested in the highest level of support and guidance through the entire college process. 

Data Collection (GPA/test scores, transcript review, school characteristics survey, academic interests, special program considerations); Understanding different types of schools and the admission process; Identification of schools that fall into the "likely" "possible" and "reach" categories; How to research schools and maximize campus visits; Developing relationships with admissions officers and maximizing yield potential; Interview information; Early Decision/Early Action Strategies; Application Organization; Unlimited email and phone support

For families who do not require assistance creating a college list but would like an overview and ongoing consultation about how to navigate the college search and application process.

Maximizing campus visits; Corresponding with schools; Maximizing yield potential;  Interview information; Application options (Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling, Regular);  Application organization information; Unlimited email and phone support

There, Done That

For families who are already familiar with the college process and would only like assistance creating a college list.

Data Collection (GPA/test scores, transcript review, school characteristics survey, academic interests, special program considerations);  Families will receive program specific information and a spreadsheet of data including 12-20 schools that fall into
the "likely" "possible" and "reach" categories.

Just The Facts
For families who have limited consultation needs throughout the process, meetings and phone calls can be scheduled upon request.

For 10th grade students and their families who want to begin thinking about and understanding the college process. Topics include course selection, extracurricular profiles, differentiating between SAT/ACT, creating a testing plan for Junior year, and understanding the timeline of the college process.

Additional Services
Application essay writing packages
Transfer process package options


Please contact me for further information. Service fees available upon request.                                                                                                                      
(201) 370-2788